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Home Extension Services in Sussex

Pinnacle Works is a highly experienced building contractor, offering comprehensive support with every aspect of designing and creating your dream extension and home interior, whether you’d like a kitchen extension to flood your home with natural light, want to build a relaxing garden room or require extra space to accommodate a growing family.

Our multi-skilled consultants assist at each step, from assessing the best home improvement project to meet your house extension aspirations, helping with planning permission applications, and project managing the construction work from day one until completion.

We are proud to be a sector-leading house extension construction company committed to outstanding service, design and construction abilities, and knowledge of all the latest innovations in sustainable materials and techniques that can manage your house extension costs and provide future-proof spaces that will stand the test of time.


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Every house extension is different, and we begin the process by consulting carefully with each client to understand what your living space needs to deliver and pinpointing the key features your new extension should have.

Working with Pinnacle provides the assurance of local, friendly and independent home extension guidance, including:

    • Consultations to discuss your existing property, the available capacity around the original house, and the positioning and dimensions of your new house extension.
    • Advice around layouts, features, and how to maximise your property value, such as options to create additional space through basement extensions, adding focal points like a glass roof that aid with solar gain, or calculating the proximity your proposed extension can have with your rear wall to fall within permitted development rights.
    • Technologically advanced modelling software to show how your house extension will look and explore finishes, textures, materials and visual impacts, enabling you to compare every option before you make any decisions.

As an established home extensions team, we can also aid with technical advice, dispatch a structural engineer to evaluate any reinforcement requirements or support the design process where you wish to create a large two-storey extension.

All our services are covered by professional indemnity insurance, and we draw on a network of trusted contractors, house extension specialists and tradespeople to project manage your build in-house.

House Extensions


High-Quality, Precision Designed
House Extensions

Many of our clients wish to undertake an extension project, having seen the significant difference an extension can make, as shown on multiple property TV shows. However, they are often overwhelmed with the complexity of liaising with a local planning department, making myriad decisions about materials, designs and construction, and calculating extension costs. 

We endeavour to make extension projects seamless and stress-free, with professional advice, recommendations and no-obligation consultations to ensure you are confident that you choose the right ways to enhance and extend your existing home and create the living space that will benefit you most.

Our house extensions team focuses on sustainability and can propose eco-friendly construction materials, low-carbon sourcing options, non-toxic finishes and building techniques, and how to realise your extension ideas with full compliance with all current building regulations.

Building work from Pinnacle Works is backed by decades of expertise, our talented and capable teams of qualified tradespeople, and ongoing liaison with your appointed project manager to keep you up to speed with progress and timescales.

Choosing the Right House Extension for Your Property

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Before we make any construction suggestions about your house extension, one of the initial tasks is to consider the size and layout of the existing house and discuss the scope of the extension you would like to build.

There are many ways to construct a house extension, so projects vary considerably, from a small kitchen extension to build outward toward a rear wall to full two-storey extension projects to double the floorspace in the original house.

    • Side extensions are popular for a semi-detached house, built as single-storey or double-storey extensions, using empty or redundant side returns.
    • A single-storey rear extension can be designed as a glazed extension to create a garden room, orangery or conservatory, or an enclosed, insulted new space such as a dining room.
    • Building an extension beyond the rear wall can be viable if you have a large garden or empty outdoor areas and wish to extend a detached house outward and up.
    • A bathroom extension above a flat roof can add substantial value, particularly for a period terraced house where older buildings were designed with compact ground floor bathrooms.
    • Creating a rear extension can utilise patio or garden areas and is often suitable for a terraced house where there isn’t space to the front or side aspect to extend.

We can walk through each aspect of your house extension design to advise on the right placement and size of your new extension, accounting for factors such as access, planning consent for scaffolding and other elements that may influence your decisions.

Independent Support With Planning Permission and Permitted Development Applications

An often-misunderstood aspect of building an extension is that many house extensions do not require planning permission, provided they fall within the scope of permitted development rules. While permitted development rights can vary between local planning authority policies, these generally state that planning permission is unnecessary if:

    • The house extension does not cover more than half of the outdoor space around the existing building, based on the original plans and deeds.
    • You are building a rear extension or side extension on a semi-detached house, that does not impact the frontage or overlook a highway or public footpath.
    • The extension is no higher than the tallest part of the existing roof. 

A single-storey property extension should not extend beyond the rear wall more than eight metres on a detached house or six metres for any other property and should be a maximum of four metres tall. Side extensions must also be single-storey and at most half as wide as the original home.

We can provide further information about planning permission or permitted development to ensure you fully understand what you can and cannot do or produce technical plans and drawings to submit to your local planning authority if you require formal planning permission.

Pinnacle Works can also support other aspects of your building project, including establishing whether your extension will involve a party wall, necessitating a party wall agreement with neighbouring properties, and securing a lawful development certificate to verify that your extension has been built with building regulations compliance.

Please get in touch at any time for more guidance on creating more space within your existing house or getting started on designing your new extension with help from the house extension specialists.


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