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Pinnacle Works is proud to be an MCS-certified air source heat pump installer and an official partner of Fischer Electric, providing sustainable, renewable and high-quality heating installations for clients and businesses across West Sussex and Hampshire.

Our engineers offer professional consultations, site visits, independent recommendations, and an end-to-end service, ensuring your selected air source heat pump is fitted efficiently, with all system components and connections ready to use immediately.


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Switching from a conventional gas boiler central heating system adds value to your home, significantly reduces your energy bills, and makes it easier to heat your property – we can also suggest insulation upgrades for maximum heat conservation.

Talk to our friendly team of heating specialists for more information about the right size and placement of your air source heat pump or browse the information below to learn why air source heat pumps are beneficial for your property, budget and the environment.

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Selecting a Professional Air Source
Heat Pump Installation Service

For many homeowners, choosing an air source heat pump or analysing the costs vs benefits can be difficult. One potential consideration may be your eligibility for a government grant, with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme offering up to £7,500 towards the price of an air source heat pump, including the installation costs.

Note that it is essential to consult an MCS-certified heat pump installer to be able to apply for a grant and that you’ll need an up-to-date Energy Performance Certificate.

If you need assistance working out whether you qualify for grant funding or would like our help compiling your application, please get in touch. We are here to offer guidance and support at any stage and provide comprehensive services covering:

    • Advice around the positioning and size of the air source heat pump that will meet the needs of your property and family.
    • Site surveys to recommend preparatory works, where to install the components of your heat pump system and offer assistance with improving your insulation.
    • Fitting new energy-efficient heating devices such as replacing existing radiators with larger units, adding underfloor heating or upgrading existing pipework.
    • Ongoing maintenance and annual service bookings to keep your heating and hot water system running smoothly.

We have decades of expertise providing exceptional quality construction, joinery, renovation, extension and property upgrade services, and hold the necessary MCS certification, adhering to the rigorous industry standards that cover air source heat pump installation and supply services across the low-carbon sector.

The Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps for UK Homes

Heat Pump Installations

As many of us recognise, traditional heating systems powered by fossil fuels based on gas, oil or LPG boilers create high carbon emissions while costing more and more to run as energy prices continue to rise. Air source heat pumps are increasingly popular, whether for new developments looking to comply with the forthcoming regulatory changes around Near Zero Energy Buildings or existing homes and period properties requiring advanced heating solutions.

Unlike a ground source heat pump, an air source pump is suitable for any property of any size, with enough space for a small wall-mounted unit that extracts ambient heat from the air and turns that energy into warm radiators and hot water.

Contrary to common misconceptions, air source heat pumps operate in all weather conditions. They can extract heat at temperatures down to -15 °C, with compact units for smaller homes and powerful pumps for light commercial applications and larger properties.

The benefits of air source heat pumps are compelling:

    • Substantial reductions in the cost of heating your home without relying on mains gas or oil boilers. Over the long term, an air source heat pump can pay for itself by cutting back on your energy bills.
    • A lower carbon footprint without any carbon emission outputs. An air source heat pump is a great option for a sustainable, future-proof property.
    • Reliable heating, with pumps able to provide heating and cooling offering the functionality to adapt to the weather and changing seasons seamlessly.
    • Safety – homeowners concerned about the risks of gas appliances find the assurance of an air-powered, sustainable heating system an excellent option for peace of mind.

An air source heat pump does not produce any harmful chemicals and works extremely efficiently, requiring just a small amount of electricity to run the pump. Property owners eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme may also find their installation costs highly affordable, with grants of up to £7,500 available in England.

Our Air Source Heat Pump Installation Service

We appreciate that any work within your home can be disruptive, so we work quickly and effectively to complete the installation promptly with minimal mess. Most air source heat pump installation projects take around two days from start to finish, and we can organise any initial prep work, including the disconnection and removal of your old boiler.

Our experienced installers will be happy to discuss options, suggest solutions or provide advice about where to fit your air source heat pump, choosing the best location with good airflow outside your property.

Pinnacle Works can also provide project management services for larger jobs, whether you’d like to coordinate your new sustainable heating solution with other home improvements, install cosy underfloor heating, or ensure your smart home heating system is efficient and tailored to your needs.

Expert Advice on Air Source Heat Pump Installations in West Sussex and Hampshire

Pinnacle Works supplies and installs high-quality air source heat pumps manufactured by Fischer Electric – a respected provider of low-emission, efficient heating systems suitable for any property of any size.

We can suggest the best-suited heat pump for your home, whether you have a large, busy household with a growing family or would like a comfortable, cost-effective heating system for your office, apartment or terraced house.

As an official installer of solar panels and solar energy storage solutions, we can also provide a comprehensive upgrade solution, connecting your air source heat pump to your solar power system for the ultimate in efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint by a significant margin while lowering your utility costs to a minimum.

Please submit an enquiry today for more information or contact one of Pinnacle’s accomplished renewable energy team to chat about the right solutions for your needs, budget and property.


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