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As an MCS-approved installer, the Pinnacle Works solar energy team can recommend the right renewable energy setup for your home, providing a complete end-to-end service from initial consultation to the full installation of your solar panels, connections and energy storage battery.

We partner with Fischer Electric pin to offer a broad range of solar panel solutions, retrofitting solar PV systems to period homes, upgrading the energy infrastructure of businesses and existing properties, or suggesting the best high-performance electricity generation solutions for sustainable new building developments.


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Adding a home battery system alongside your solar PV panels is often ideal, particularly for property owners with a south-facing roofline. This allows you to further reduce the costs of powering your home by selling surplus electricity back to the National Grid through the Smart Export Guarantee Scheme.

Please get in touch at any time to discuss the right solar panels for your property or read through our guidance below to understand how the solar panel installation process works.

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Choosing the Right
Renewable Energy Solutions for Your Home

Most homeowners have heard of solar PV systems and may be considering whether the time is right to upgrade from a conventional electricity supply. With electricity bills having soared in recent years and continuing to rise, one of the primary advantages is a significant reduction in energy charges.

Almost any property is suited to a set of solar cells mounted on the roof, either in a uniform, neat configuration or to the rear of the property, depending on the aspect and location of the residence. Solar PV panels capture solar energy, transforming it into the power you use for your appliances, lighting, and heating.

Modern and advanced solar photovoltaic panels can generate power even during overcast conditions, and for homes with unobstructed sunlight, the extra energy collected can be stored in a battery, either for on-demand use during the evenings and overnight or as a secondary income source.

We mentioned the Smart Export Guarantee, which supplements the cost savings provided by solar power by allowing owners of solar panels to sell excess electricity back to the energy companies or National Grid. Solar energy is versatile and can be used to power any electrical device, and fitting a diverter to an immersion tank can provide the heating necessary for hot water throughout your property.

Pinnacle Works can run through your objectives and aspirations, organise a convenient site visit and offer independent advice to ensure you choose the right solar energy options, whether you’d like a small set of photovoltaic modules to power your basic household appliances or to turn your entire property into an efficient, sustainable and low carbon smart home with energy independence and your own electricity supply.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Home to a Solar Energy Supply

Solar Panel Installations

Solar power is one of the core renewable technologies available to UK property owners, and solar panels work in almost any weather condition, providing year-round heat, light, and power. As a low carbon footprint electricity generation process, solar battery systems significantly reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

The advantages are compelling and mean that photovoltaic installation costs often pay for themselves in a surprisingly short period of time:

  • Hugely reduced electricity bills, with the option to offset minimal energy costs further by reselling excess electricity to the relevant energy companies.
  • Improved energy independence, with off-grid systems or those with residual usage protected from power cuts or outages.
  • Positive environmental impacts, with the average home solar PV installation saving an entire tonne of carbon from entering the atmosphere every year.
  • More affordable installation costs than ever before as solar batteries and components become more widely available and accessible.
  • Noise reduction, with excellent solar panel efficiency and panels that produce energy silently and reliably with little ongoing maintenance.

There are numerous potential designs, solar panel battery storage options, sizes and configurations of solar systems, so you can select the right choices that feel consistent and complementary to the exterior of your home.

As solar power becomes more widely used in the coming years, you also have the ability to upgrade your solar panel system at any point by integrating additional cells as your needs change.

The Process of Installing Solar Panels Within Your Property

Our solar power installation team works quickly and efficiently and can project manage the fitting process, ensuring your new clean, green electricity supply is up and running. We fit all of the electrical components and connections necessary to improve an existing solar panel system, add batteries and storage units, or install a completely new solar energy solution.

This may include:

  • Photovoltaic cells, fitted to your roofline in secure brackets.
  • A solar inverter, switching the DC electricity collected by your solar panels into AC power used in residential properties.
  • Solar panel battery storage to preserve collected power for use on demand.
  • All connections, controls, thermostats and timers you may wish to install.

Step one is to arrange a good time to talk when we can discuss the size, occupancy and layout of your home, how much electricity you currently use, and how much energy you anticipate requiring in the future.

This information can help us suggest a photovoltaic system that will remain suited to your requirements for the years to come, accommodating any changes to your appliances, property or usage, such as using a more powerful solar panel system to manage the heat production for underfloor heating.

Your mounting system may also depend on the style and period of your home, the aesthetic you’d like to create, and your personal preferences – we can run through all the options to ensure you make informed decisions that match your budget and requirements.

As an approved installer of energy production systems, Pinnacle Works can also assist with registering your new solar power system with the appropriate network operator and advise whether this should happen before or after the installation, depending on the size and capacity of your solar panels.

Expert Solar PV System Installation Support Across West Sussex and Hampshire

Pinnacle Works provides photovoltaic systems installations across Hampshire and West Sussex and is always on hand to offer more advice about how solar panels work, which PV panels might be the ideal option for your home, and which battery storage products will be compatible.

Please get in touch at any time or complete our handy contact form, and one of our experienced team members will be in touch as soon as possible.


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